Multi-services card

What is the purpose of the Maison de la paix card?

This card offers several services


This card contains information that legitimizes your presence in the Maison de la paix and, for students of the Institute, it is also their student’s card.

Identification RFID

The RFID chip identifies the library users, thus enabling them to borrow and return library resources.


The card activates requested printing with the FollowMe technology as well as photocopying or scanning documents on the multifunctional machines.


The card can be used as means of payment, for example in the Cafeteria. Students can also pay by direct debit on their card for printed pages and photocopying beyond their free initial credit.


The card manages people’s access to various premises depending on their access rights.

How does it work?

Where can I get my card?

All cards are available at the Reception desk in Petal 1-level 3 except for students who receive their card upon arrival at the Institute.

How long will my card be valid?

The validity of the card is linked to a person’s identity and role in the Maison de la paix. The services offered remain active while the person’s card is valid, for example until the end of the studies or until the employment contract comes to an end.

Please note that when the time comes to leave the Institute, the card holder is invited to spend all the money left on the account before the end of its validity.

What should I do if my card doesn’t work?

  • In case of an access problem concerning premises, please contact the Security Officer (44 44);
  • If your card is not physically damaged, go to the Service Desk (P1-367), preferably with a note of the error message. If the card needs to be replaced a technician will take you to the Reception where you will get a new card, free of charge;
  • If your card is physically damaged, its replacement will cost 10CHF. Go to the “Caisse” in the Accounting department during their office hours in order to pay for the cost of the card; you will get a receipt. With this receipt, go to the Reception (petal 1-level 3) where you will get a new card;
  • If the dysfunction is due to the end of validity of your card, the situation can only be resolved administratively.

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, please make sure to block it as soon as possible. If you are not on-site, you can always contact the Service Desk by phone (+ 41 22 908 57 46) or by email. If you are in the Maison de la paix, please pass by the Service Desk (P1-367) and request that your card be blocked. To get a new card, you should then go to the “Caisse” in the Accounting department during their office hours in order to make a payment of 10 CHF (cost of the card). With the receipt, you should contact Reception (petal 1-level 3) and will be given a new card.

Cash service

By putting money on your card, you will be able to pay for other services, such as meals at the Cafeteria at the Maison de la Paix.

Where is the money?

Each card is associated with an account in the card management system. Credit and debit operations will be registered on this account as long as you put money on your card or make payments with it. Putting money on the account associated with the card will be referred to as “loading or charging” your card.

How can I load my card?

Two cash machines, located at the entrance of the Cafeteria at the Maison de la Paix, petal 3 - level 3, allow you to deposit money on your card’s account. Please note that only banknotes of 10, 20, 50 and 100 CHF are accepted. To load your card you must:

  • identify yourself by placing your card on the reader (symbol with waves);
  • make sure the card remains on the reader until the end of the transaction;
  • veillez à laisser la carte sur place jusqu'à la fin de l'opération de recharge;
  • the small screen will light up;
  • when your name appears insert  the bills into the machine. There is no limit to the amount deposited.

Please note that a cashpoint is available at the entrance of Maison de la paix, Petal 6 (P6), on the Chemin Eugène Rigot side.

How much do I have on my card?

  • A point called 'Terminal Info' located at the entrance of the petal 1 in front of the Student Services, allows you to check the available balance on your card. Simply insert it into the slot;
  • Cash machines are also available at the entrance of the Cafeteria (petal 3-level 3) and may be consulted to check your balance. Insert your card in the card reader and when the small screen lights up, please choose the option "My transactions";

How can I pay?

  • In the Cafeteria of the Maison de la paix

To pay at the Cafeteria you must pass your card on the card reader in front of the cash register. If your card balance is less than the amount due, you can cancel the payment transaction or pay the outstanding amount in cash. Please note that by paying with the card you will be able to benefit from discounts on food and beverages.

  • Printed pages and copies

This section concerns students at the Institute.

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