Housing in Geneva

As in many major European cities, it is quite a challenge to find housing in Geneva. The Graduate Institute has its own Student House, which accommodates a total of 255 people in 135 living spaces but cannot satisfy the demands of all students who come to the Institute. This is why we advise that you begin your search for housing as soon as you receive your admission letter. Finding housing in Geneva early will not only help a smooth and fast transition into the city, but will also speed up the visa process.

You do not necessarily need to live right next to our campus; the city of Geneva offers a reliable public transport system which extends to all parts of the city, and even to neighboring towns in France for those who are allowed to stay in France.

In general, most places to rent in Geneva cost between CHF500  and CHF1200. Each apartment differs in what it offers, from shared common spaces, shared bathrooms to individual studios.

The most common housing options are:

  • The Graduate Institute’s Student House named Residence Edgar et Daniele De Picciotto, which is located opposite the main building Maison de la Paix and can accommodate 255 people in 135 living spaces each academic year. Unfortunately, the Graduate Institute cannot guarantee accommodation for every student, which is why it is important to look into other options.
  • Student halls of residence in Geneva. These are located all around the city and vary in the quality and price of what they offer. As Geneva has a speedy and reliable public transport system, you do not have to live right next to the Graduate Institute.
  • Private housing in Geneva and in neighboring municipalities. Subletting can be an affordable way for students to find a room within their budget.
  • For additional information, please check the Student Guide writen by the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA)

Some advice for your search:

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Apply within the deadlines to several student residences
  • Never send money using a money transfer service
  • Be wary of "too good to be true" ads, as it is common to find housing scams in Geneva
  • Verify the location of any offer on Google Street View
  • Always get as many details as possible from the person renting the apartment ( telephone number, e-mail, exact housing address, etc.)
  • If possible, never sign contracts via e-mail
  • You will find all the links to search for housing in the right-hand column