Internal PhD application for current students

Regular internal applications

PhD candidates who are currently completing one of the Institute’s disciplinary Master programmes and who, in their third or fourth semester, apply to a PhD in the same discipline, are considered internal candidates. They are exempt from payment of the application fee.

Alumni who graduated during the 12 months preceding the start of the PhD programme, and who apply to a PhD in the same discipline as the one in which they completed their Master programme, are also considered internal candidates, exempt from the application fee.

PhD candidates who are currently completing one of the Institute’s interdisciplinary programmes are considered external candidates. They need to submit a complete application file and must pay the application fee. See instructions and deadlines.

Regular internal applications: admission schedule for the 2019-20 academic year

  • Opening of the online application form: 15 September 2018
  Application deadline Decision notification
Early decision 15 November 2018 Mid-January 2019
Regular application 15 January 2019 Mid-March 2019
Late application 1st March 2019 Early April 2019


To be considered complete, the application file should contain:

The application form must be completed and submitted online. All the required supporting documents must be uploaded before the application deadline.

Regular internal candidates must obtain a minimum grade of 5 on their Master dissertation.

Late applicants (1st March) cannot be considered for financial aid.


"Fast Track" internal applications

The “Fast Track” application is open to our current Master students. Successful candidates can complete both the Master and PhD degrees in just five years of study, one year less than the regular Master + PhD study programme.

Students currently completing one of the Institute’s disciplinary Master programmes are eligible to apply to the PhD "Fast Track" in the same discipline or specialisation. They can do so in the third semester of their Master degree, before 15 November. "Fast Track" candidates must obtain all the required credits before the end of their third semester. If admitted, they begin the PhD programme in the following semester (fourth, or spring, semester of their Master degree), which then becomes the first semester of their doctoral programme.