Academic Awards and Prizes


The Paul Guggenheim Prize in International Law

The Paul Guggenheim Foundation was created in 1979 to honour the memory of Professor Paul Guggenheim. This Prize is awarded every two years to a student whose thesis in public international law is distinguished by its exceptional quality and is the first outstanding work of a young author at the begining of their career.

The Paul Guggenheim Prize 2017 has been attributed jointly to:

The next edition of the Paul Guggenheim Prize will be launched by the beginning of April 2019. Information on the submission criteria and rules will be available at that time. 

The Arditi Prize in International Relations

In 1993, the Arditi Foundation created the Arditi Prize in International Relations which is awarded to the best master’s dissertation in International Studies or International Affairs.

  • Prize-winner 2015: Ms Géraldine Merz
  • Dissertation: Memoria Histórica in El Salvador and Beyond : The Exploration of a Dynamic Memoryscape
  • Supervisor: Prof. Riccardo Bocco

The Mariano Garcia Rubio Prize

The Garcia Rubio Prize was created in May 2004 to honour the memory of a former assistant in the International Law Department. It is awarded each year to the student who writes the best master’s dissertation in International Law.

  • Prize-winner 2015: Ms Ana Luisa Rocha Bernardino
  • Dissertation: The Lernean Hydra of International Law : An Analysis of Legal Self-Referentiality through the Case Law of the International Court of Justice on Circularity and Paradoxes
  • Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Bianchi

The Institute's Alumni Association Prize

This prize was established by the Alumni Association to reward the student from the Institute who prepares the most outstanding PhD thesis. It is awarded every year by each academic unit in turn.

Prize-winners 2015 (ex aequo) :

  • Ms Anna Mkhoyan
  • Thesis: La politique russe dans le Caucase du Sud : le cas de l’Arménie (1991-2008)
  • Supervisor: Prof. Andre Liebich
  • Ms Nadia Sartoretti 
  • Thesis: Mediating Power: The Self in Chinese and Indian Popular Media
  • Supervisor: Prof. Gopalan Balachandran


The Pierre du Bois Prize

This prize, created by the Fondation Pierre du Bois pour l'histoire du temps présent, annually rewards the student who prepares the best PhD thesis in International History and Politics presented at the Institute.

  • Prize-winner 2015: Ms Jaclyn Granick
  • Thesis: Humanitarian Responses to Jewish Suffering Abroad by American Jewish Organizations, 1914-1929
  • Supervisor: Prof. Davide Rodogno
  • Contact: