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23 developing country governments across Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean


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About your organisation
The Fellowship Scheme has been enabling young
postgraduate economists to work in the public sectors of developing countries for over 40 years. Fellows are employed on two-year contracts in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Since its initiation in 1963, the Scheme has worked in 40 countries concentrating on those most in need, and has helped more than 950 economists into careers in development. The Scheme is growing; in 2012, 54 awards were made and at present there are over 100  Fellows in post with 23 developing country governments.

The demand-led nature of the Scheme means that it is an attractive way for governments to build capacity in their public sectors and improve the execution of economic policy. Its excellent reputation and unique form of technical assistance means that it is held in high regard by the development community.

The costs of employing each Fellow are shared between the recipient government and ODI, making this a unique form of technical support. Over recent years, ODI has secured funding for the Scheme through grants provided by the Department for International Development (DfID), AusAID, the Commonwealth and governments of the Scheme’s member countries and their trust funds.

Fellowship opportunity
The Fellowship Scheme offers two-year postings for trained economists in developing country governments..

Recruitment period
We recruit in November/December each year for a September/October start the following year

Required skills and competences
  • Candidates must be educated to postgraduate level
  • Candidates must be trained economist with either their under- or postgraduate focusing strongly on economics
  • Some work experience and an interest in development are preferred
Training Programme
There is a one-week briefing session prior to departure.


Fellow Testimonials

Stübi Danièle.jpg

Danièle Stübi

University degree : Master in International Economics
Job : Trade Economist, Ministry of East African Community Affairs (Department of Economic Affairs), Republic of Uganda

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Sara Nyman - Ministry of Trade and Industry, Malawi
Being an integral part of a government ministry puts an ODI Fellow in a unique position. The ministry and its staff become your professional support network and your knowledge base; and, in turn, you become theirs. The learning curve is steep and, as I write nine months into my posting, mine has not yet shown any signs of relenting.

Kabira Namit - Ghana Education Service
After nearly two years here, I can safely say that there is nothing like a typical day at the Ghana Education Service! I’m part of a four-member team that works on the $1.8 billion Ghana Education Budget. We allocate government and donor resources across the country for the running costs of schools and infrastructure projects. There are opportunities to travel across the country on official trips, interacting with the regional budget officers and visiting schools to monitor new projects.

Anisa Berdellima - Ministry of Health, Burundi
My Fellowship as a health economist at the Ministry of Health in Burundi is allowing me to use my passion, skills and dedication to improve public health. I work on important policy areas that affect the lives of millions of people. For example, we helped to design and are implementing a national health insurance scheme that will provide free access to health services to the most vulnerable people.

Alumni success stories


Beatrice Mosello

University degree : PhD in International Studies
Job: Research Officer

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