After graduation

Our surveys of graduates carried out since 2008 show that almost all of the Institute’s students had obtained prior professional or internship experience, often in an international environment, during their studies. After graduation, the average time to secure employment for more than 90% of our students was less than 4 months.

  • The public sector attracted 36% of our graduates. More than half of them went to international organisations.
  • The next most popular sector was the third sector with 30% of the graduates. The majority of them chose non-governmental organisations working on a diverse range of issues.
  • The private sector accounted for 23% of our young graduates. Most of them chose multinationals and consulting.

The remaining 11% of our graduates either continued their studies towards a PhD or conducted research work as part of an academic institution.

Half of our graduates chose to begin their careers in Switzerland, while the others went on to work all over the world.