Psychological and medical support

Are you encountering medical or psychological problems? Do you experience difficulties related to stress and anxiety?

The "Pôle Santé Social" of the University of Geneva offers you adapted solutions and an access to welfare services, available through our long-lasting collaboration with them.

Health and Psychological Services

Meet with a psychologist at the Graduate Institute for a once off session per semester, which aims to clarify whether you need further psychological treatment from the "Pôle Sante Social" (below) or elsewhere : To make an appointment (30 Minutes) please register via the following link (click here)

The "Pôle Santé Social" of the University of  Geneva proposes:

* In case of financial difficulty and if you struggle to pay for your sessions at the PSS, please contact in order to assess your eligibility and find out if the Institute can help by partially covering the costs associated to your treatment. Please note that your treatment has to involve at least 3 sessions in order to be reviewed.

Students of the Graduate Institute may also require a consultations directly at the HUG (Hôpital cantonal of Geneva). More information (in french) here.

  • Once off session at the Graduate Institute (free)

You also have the possiblity to meet with a counselor which aims to clarify whether you need further psychological treatment from the "Pôle Santé Social" or elsewhere.


Workshops on Stress Management and Self Affirmation

To help you overcome stress and anxiety difficulties during your studies, the “Pôle Santé Social” of the Geneva University is proposing workshops (in French and in English):

How to register :

To attend a workshop, you are requird to make an appointment online with a psychologist of the Geneva University  to assess which workshop is best adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to make an appointment!

Service Psychologique de l’Université de Genève
Mirabeau, 4 Rue De-Candolle, 1211 Genève
Tél : 022.379.74.41 Lundi-vendredi : 10h-13h; 14h-16h


Do you need to relax and better manage your stress during the stressful moments of your personal and academic life? If so, this workshop is for you! Through the practice of sophrology, you can prepare for your exams with more serenity, by becoming aware of the resources you can find in both your physical and psychological capacities. This workshop is proposed to you by the University of Geneva's "Pôle Santé Social".

How to register:

The "Pôle Santé Social" site will provide you with all the practical information. More information: