Contact persons during your studies at the Institute



Eliane Minassian-Kellermann 

Deputy Head Student Services

  • At the Graduate Institute since 2002, working for the Executive Education and International Programmes. Eliane's great interest in human relations has motivated her to become a certified practien of the method NLP. This method focusing on communication skills, enables participants to improve their ability to listen and accompany persons encountering stressful situations or with personal concerns.
  • What matters to Eliane is: that students can make the most of their stay at the Graduate Institute and that they leave with the feeling that they have achieved more than their academic objectives.
  • Languages: French, English, German



Michal Sela

Deputy Head Student Services

  • Michal has been working in international education for 20 years, at the Graduate Institute since 2015. Having grown up, studied and lived in 7 cities on 3 continents, she is a veteran expat. She has experienced first hand the joys and sorrows of culture shock, study abroad, cross-cultural relations and venturing outside of one's comfort zone, while managing the rigorous demands of work and studies.
  • What's important to Michal:  As a student of Non Violent Communications, Michal believes that the key to a satisfying, mindful life is to be attuned to our underlying needs and those of others. We all need to be seen and heard, we need human connection, security and self-realisation. We also need to manage our budgets, our schedules and our reading lists! Michal hopes to raise awareness for mental health and to contribute to our students' well-being through her roles in the Student Services and Student Welfare teams.
  • Languages: English, French, Hebrew



Margaux Schaar

Department Manager – International Relation and Political Science

  • Margaux has been working for the Institute since 2013 as Department Manager for IRPS department. With a multicultural background, she tries to use her skills to help her fellows as much as she can. Working closely with Faculty members helps her to understand their needs and allows her to guide the students  in the workings of the administration and academia.
  • What matters to Margaux is: to help our students feel comfortable with all the particularities of the Institute (academically and administratively) knowing that studying abroad can sometime be difficult to cope with. To listen to their concerns and try to find a solution together.
  • Languages: French, English



Claudia Saviaux Druliolle

Human Resources Director

  • Occupational Psychologist, FSP member (Swiss Federation of Psychologists). Certified Master NLP Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in Human resources Management and executive and continuous education for adults in various sectors.
  • What matters to Claudia is:  That our students feel welcomed at the Institute and in Geneva and that they feel confident asking for help or advice when needed to people who are there to guide and orientate them.
  • Languages: French and English



Kasia Wasiukiewicz

Financial Aid Advisor and Student Support

  • Being a student abroad can be a frightening and challenging experience. It can also be exciting and very rewarding in all aspects of your life. With a background in social studies (MA in Sociology and DAS in Project Management) and extensive international exposure, Kasia has been there and would now like to help you settle into your new life in Geneva. After completing her studies, Kasia worked for 5 years at the University of Geneva and then fully joined the Institute in 2012. She has held various positions within the Executive Direction but her main focus has always been students' well-being: "In order to enjoy your experience and get the most it, students need to step out of their comfort-zone and appreciate crossing cultures."
  • What matters to Kasia is: My hope is that students will know how to plan their finances wisely and, if needed, where to reach out for help.
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish