Visiting Fellows


  • Visiting Fellows: eligible candidates include post-doctoral students, researchers or professors from other universities working in one of the Institute’s disciplines or areas of specialisation;
  • Junior Visiting Fellows: eligible candidates include self-sponsored doctoral student with an independent research project or Fulbright nominees;
  • Senior Fellows in Residence: senior staff members of international institutions working in one of the Institute's areas of specialisation; could be nominated by their host institution in the case of the EU and the UN;
  • Applicants must have independent funding;
  • Applicants for the Swiss Confederation Scholarships requesting a letter of support from the Institute are subject to the application process below.

Application process

  1. Click here to fill the application form;
  2. Send the following documents (pdf) to
  • A brief summary of the research project at the Graduate Institute;
  • A letter of support from candidate's home institution (or supervisor;
  • A passport copy.

Applications are evaluated on the following dates:

  • 1 October
  • 1 March

Only completed applications will be evaluated.