Visiting Fellows

The Graduate Institute hosts university professors, researchers and senior staff members from international institutions, with independent funding keen to carry out research and take advantage of the resources and services the Institute has to offer (library, interaction with faculty members and students) as well as its unique location at the heart of international Geneva.

PhD candidates and Fulbright nominees can request admission to the Junior Visiting Fellow status under the same procedure.

Candidates to the Swiss Excellence Scholarship (or similar fundings) are required to submit an application following the procedure outlined in our application process. A letter attesting to academic support by the Institute’s faculty will only be granted to successful candidates, after the selection process.



Key Features

More information on opportunities for visiting fellows who work in one of the core research areas of the Institute. 



Geneva and the Graduate Institute

The Graduate Institute is located at the heart of International Geneva, in Switzerland. Visiting fellows have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in international affairs and observe first hand the global governance process.