Migration and Refugees


Here are the research projects dealing with issues of Migration and Refugees. You will also find the list of recent publications related to this cluster.

Armed Conflict and Forced Migration Project

Professor Vincent Chetail. A Global Migration Centre self-funded project.
This project sheds lights on the multifaceted interactions between international humanitarian law, refugee law, criminal law and human rights law. While none of these branches can offer a definitive answer to the challenges faced by refugees in and fleeing from armed conflicts, the reach of the protection that they offer can only be understood through a comparative assessment. The project thus investigates their mutual influence with the aim of providing a holistic approach to refugee protection.
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Entreprises privées et migration: les enjeux de la responsabilité en droit international

Professeur Vincent Chetail, financé par le FNS. Septembre 2016-avril 2019.
Le projet propose d’analyser le régime juridique et les conséquences de l’implication croissante des entreprises privées dans la migration sous le prisme du droit international public. Il a pour principal objectif de déterminer si le cadre juridique existant est adapté pour répondre aux multiples questions que ce phénomène soulève en matière de responsabilité internationale et de protection des droits des migrants.
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International Migration Law Project

Professor Vincent Chetail. A Global Migration Centre self-funded project.
This project is aimed at better understanding the scope and content of international legal norms governing the movement of persons.
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Migrants Rights Project

Professor Vincent Chetail. A Global Migration Centre self-funded project.
This project analyses the role and impact of international human rights law with a view to delineating the exact scope and content of migrants’ rights. Although human rights law does not constitute in and of itself a panacea, the project demonstrates that it provides a comprehensive and cogent frame of protection dealing with various aspects of migration.
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Migration and Labor Market Inequality: The Role of Skills, Gender and Trade

Associate Professor Martina Viarengo and Professor Tobias Müller, funded by SNSF. October 2018–May 2022.
This project of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) for migration and mobility studies aims to examine the relationship between inequality and migration by focusing on the factors that determine labor market inequalities, both on the demand and supply side.
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National Borders and Social Boundaries in Europe: The Case of Friuli

Professor Alessandro Monsutti and Dr Stefano Morandini (University of Udine, Italy), funded by SNSF. January 2018–December 2020.
International borders are not seen anymore as mere lines of demarcation between sovereign entities with discrete territories, but as social processes, producers and products of social representations, discourses and practices. The “small stories” of people living in the vicinity of borders has attracted vivid scholarly attention beyond the “big story” of the construction of the nation-states.This research project aims to contribute to this debate with a political anthropology of the changing nature of Italy’s northeast borderland, a very contested region and the point of encounter in Europe for speakers of Romance, Slavic and Germanic languages. 
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Protecting Migrants in Vulnerable Situations: The Principle of Non-Refoulement in International Human Rights Law

Professor Vincent Chetail, with Céline Bauloz (GMC), Pia Oberoi (OHCHR), Genevieve Sauberli (OHCHR) and Sophie Cappichiano Young. A Global Migration Centre self-funded project in cooperation with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Starting date: April 2017.
This research project aims to assess the scope and content of the principle of non-refoulement under international human rights law, focusing on the United Nations core human rights treaties, in order to provide a coherent frame of interpretation, as well as to enable enhanced protection of migrants in a vulnerable situation and stronger respect for the non-refoulement principle.
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Recasting the Common European Asylum System: A First Appraisal

Professor Vincent Chetail. A Global Migration Centre self-funded project in cooperation with Odysseus Network.
This project aims at analysing the recent changes of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), examining the progress achieved and the remaining flows of asylum-seekers.
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Temporary Labour Migration: A Theoretical Analysis

Professor Slobodan Djajic. A Global Migration Centre self-funded project.
Guest-worker programs have become a popular means of meeting shortages of low and semi-skilled labour in the developed countries and rapidly growing emerging economies. This project aims to examine how the structure of a guest-worker program and the economic conditions in the host and source countries affect the behavior of program participants.
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