Global Health


Here are the research projects dealing with issues of Global Health. You will also find the list of recent publications related to this cluster.

Challenges of Governing the Global Health Domain (Phase II)

Professor Ilona Kickbusch, with Michaela Told and Andrew Cassels. A Global Health Centre project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. January 2017–December 2018.
Building on the work done in 2016, the project will continue to examine the shifts in governing the global health domain that are currently occurring and are expected over the coming years in a changing political context. 

How to Break the Gridlock in Global Health Governance

Professor Ilona Kickbusch, funded by SNIS. October 2015–March 2018.
This project seeks to understand pathways that lead to gridlock in global health governance in order to conceptualise how this gridlock can be overcome. Gridlock is the tendency to stall in pressing international negotiations and describes the breakdown of the major tools of global policy making when there is increased need for collection action.
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Polio Eradication: Overcoming the Final Barriers and Ensuring a Lasting Legacy for Health Systems (Phase II)

Michaela Told and Stephen Matlin, with Professor Ilona Kickbusch. A Global Health Centre project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. April 2017–March 2019.
This project explores the critical dimensions of the global effort to eradicate polio, focusing on overcoming the final barriers and ensuring a lasting legacy for health systems as well as the role of European countries in this effort.
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Red Revolution: The Emergence of Stem Cell Biotechnologies in India

Professor Aditya Bharadwaj, funded by ERC 2012. February 2013–January 2018.
This project analyses the interplay between state, citizens/consumers and emerging markets in human stem cell technologies in India. Such developments pose profound bioethical and political questions. The research examines the emerging research/therapy interface with a view to explicating the high risk and high gain production of stem cell biotechnologies in India. It will produce an in-depth multi-sited ethnographic mapping of the stem cell terrain in India. Its main objective is to critically understand the agential and structural processes authoring unprecedented new developments in stem cell research and therapeutics in India.
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Universal Health Coverage (UHC): Innovation, Equity and the New Economy of Health

Professor Ilona Kickbusch with Michaela Told. End: December 2018.
The entry point of this project is the insight that health and health care constitute a major economic force in most countries and that this economic relevance and power must be applied to support the goals of UHC. While the global debate has moved towards accepting the concept of a “green economy”, there is not as yet an accepted understanding of an “economy of health”. This project proposes to explore the concept of a health economy, to define its scope and to understand its implications for the evolution of UHC over the coming decades. 
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