Culture, Identity and Religion


Here are the research projects dealing with issues of Culture, Identity and Religion. You will also find the list of recent publications related to this cluster.

African Futures: Digital Labor and Blockchain Technology

Assistant Professor Filipe Calvão, funded by SNSF, December 2018–November 2019.
This exploratory research involves a multi-sited survey of six African countries on platform-based services and blockchain initiatives designed to enhance mineral traceability in order to assess emergent transformations in the world of labor.
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Conflict Culture Research Network

Professor Ravi Bhavnani, with Brian Daniels, Paul Huth, David Backer and Marc-Andre Renold, funded by NSF for initial project implementation. January 2016–December 2020.
Why is cultural heritage targeted in conflict? Despite the significant research efforts that study the causes of war and violations of civil and political rights, the question has been given little consideration – hence the reason for this project.
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Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Comparative Global Ethnography (GANGS)

Dennis Rodgers and Steffen Jensen, ERC Advanced Grant, January 2019–December 2023. 
This project aims to systematically compare gang dynamics in Nicaragua, South Africa, and France in order to better understand why gangs emerge, how they evolve over time, whether they are associated with particular urban configurations, how and why individuals join gangs, and what impact this has on their potential futures.
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The Myth of Homogeneity: Minority Protection and Assimilation in Western Europe, 1919–1939

Professor Davide Rodogno and Dr Emmanuel Dalle Mulle, with PhD candidate Mona Bieling, funded by SNSF. September 2017–August 2020.
This project aims at inquiring the relationship between national minorities and majorities in Western Europe during the interwar years in a comparative international and transnational perspective.
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National Borders and Social Boundaries in Europe: The Case of Friuli

Professor Alessandro Monsutti and Dr Stefano Morandini (University of Udine, Italy), funded by SNSF. January 2018–December 2020.
International borders are not seen anymore as mere lines of demarcation between sovereign entities with discrete territories, but as social processes, producers and products of social representations, discourses and practices. The “small stories” of people living in the vicinity of borders has attracted vivid scholarly attention beyond the “big story” of the construction of the nation-states.This research project aims to contribute to this debate with a political anthropology of the changing nature of Italy’s northeast borderland, a very contested region and the point of encounter in Europe for speakers of Romance, Slavic and Germanic languages. 
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Voices of Les Pâquis

Associate Professor Alessandro Monsutti and Senior Researcher Philippe Gazagne. A Global Migration Centre project funded by SNSF. March 2016–October 2017.
This participatory multimedia project explores the dynamics of coexistence between different migrant groups living in the Geneva neighbourhood of Les Pâquis, with the aim of informing policy by launching a public debate in partnership with the concerned actors.
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