About Converis

Converis is a software/database design for managing research projects and outputs such as publications. Converis comprises the following modules.


For publication purposes: “Publications” and “Other activities” modules

All researchers have the opportunity to record their publications and/or other activities, such as participating to conferences, through these two modules. We encourage each of you to input your data as the publications or events take place. Below you will find the links to the valuation ranking of journals and editors:

  • CERES ranking: CERES valuation system website
  • IHEID & CERES ranking for all years and discipline can be found in an Excel file on the Faculty access only page. 
For the research projects process: “Application”, “Contract” and “Project” modules

It is through Converis that a project process – from submitting your proposal to managing your project – is recorded in the different modules. We encourage researchers to log into Converis to record the information regarding any proposal to be submitted. This will enable us to follow your submission during the process and offer support. It will also enable Accounting Services to help you, by checking your budget and ensuring that nothing has been forgotten.

Converis procedure and user guides