Communication and Media


This page is primarily intended for members of the research community (faculty and researchers) who want to communicate a new research programme, publication, award or other research-related significant information not only to the internal community of the Graduate Institute but also to the outside world. The Research Office, usually in collaboration with the coordinators of research centres and academic departments, helps you publish news and communicate your research through the Institute’s various media channels. It also ensures that your information piece is recorded in Converis and in the Library and systematically visible on the Graduate Institute’s website.

Internal Media

  • Research pages of the Institute’s website – Short presentation of your project (see examples) or your publication (see examples)
  • News – The Institute, Research Office, centres and departments post news about current research activity on their “News” pages (see examples)
  • Research Bulletin – News about current research activity are sent to the community every month (see issues)
  • Newsletters by the centres – Centres publish newsletters for their target audience
  • Global Challenges: The Graduate Institute Research Dossiers – A high-quality series exploring a topical issue (see issues)
  • News of the Week – A weekly selection of news presented in the form of a newsletter (register here)
  • Globe – the Institute’s semiannual bilingual magazine

The Institute also promotes research results on social networks:

For more information please contact Marc Galvin.


External Media

Research Support_Communication and Media external media 460.jpg

You want to communicate beyond the Institute and reach a wider audience and therefore wish to

  • organise a press conference,
  • publish an opinion piece in a Swiss or foreign newspaper,
  • contact journalists,
  • organise an event on the scale of the Institute aimed at the general public,

then please contact Sophie Fleury.


Lunch Briefings

research support_communication and media_lunch briefings 460.jpg

Once a week, these highly topical sessions deliver expert analysis on a major international issue. An Institute professor or a prominent guest provides a 30-minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes of debate with the audience. Lunch briefings cover a wide range of topics such as “Colombia: Is Peace Closer Than Ever?” or “Des moustaches et des jupes: rapports de genre au sein du cercle du Kremlin sous Staline (1928-1953)”.

Such events are also a great opportunity for PhD candidates and researchers to present their scientific results in the light of current events.

Briefings take place on Tuesdays between 12:30 and 13:30.
For more information please contact Sophie Fleury.


Dossier: Working with the Media

Resesarch Support_Communication and Media_Dossier 460.jpg

You wish to communicate your latest research results to various media, but this is a new experience for you. Talking on the radio or simply organising a press release requires a few communication skills that we present in this dossier.


Support and Contact

If you

  • need further support in communicating your research results,
  • would like to use one of the Institute’s media channels or newsletters,
  • would like to ensure that your information piece is visible on the Graduate Institute’s website and recorded in Converis and in the Library,

then please contact Marc Galvin.