Academic Publications

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Although researchers and scholars are generally familiar with the academic publishing world, this pages presents tools and resources offered by the Institute to meet the ongoing needs related to publication goals. It offers advice on how to find a publisher, how to prepare a proposal and how to turn a dissertation into a book. Links to various websites dealing with major issues of academic publishing are also provided in the last section.


Graduate Institute’s Publications Web Page

The publications of our faculty and researchers testify to the wealth of the research conducted at the Graduate Institute. This page and its links present recent publications both by types (books, articles, book chapters, working papers and PhD theses) and by thematic clusters.


Journals and Books Series Managed at the Institute

This page lists all the book series, academic journals and electronic collections managed by Graduate Institute’s scholars.

Graduate Institute’s Publishing Grants

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The Institute encourages recently graduated students to publish their work through a fund specifically designed to support the publication of PhD theses defended at the Institute. The publication project should be submitted to the Research Office (with copy of diploma, grades and jury’s evaluation, electronic copy of the thesis, and publisher’s agreement to publish as well as terms of this agreement). Here are the full conditions and procedures to be followed.


Find the Right Publisher

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The first step when you want to publish your thesis is… to find a publisher. There are plenty of different types of publishers besides the more common university presses and commercial publishers. Focus on publishers whose books are similar to your future one. Check also the books produced by publishers in your field; average prices charged even by university presses vary widely, so go for the publisher whose prices are lowest (60 Swiss francs is definitely too high!). And don’t forget that you may send your proposal to as many publishers as you want.

This list of publishing houses, classified by regions and disciplines, should help you in your quest.


From Dissertation to ​Book

Once you have finished your PhD, you may seize the opportunity of a postdoc scholarship to start working on your first book. Although your PhD thesis usually provides the basis for your book, it is not the book, and turning your dissertation into a book will be your rather daunting task.


How to Write a Book Proposal

You will be brought to prepare a book proposal as soon as you choose to turn your dissertation into a book. Here is useful information about writing a convincing proposal.


Issues of Academic Publishing 

You want to know more about digital and traditional publishing models? You need advice on how to write clearly? You are looking for a translator, you need information on copyright issues, you wonder where to find free illustrations, etc.? Then consult our list of resources on issues of academic publishing.


Dossier: Les enjeux de l’accès libre

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This dossier provides a deeper insight into free access, a major issue of contemporary publishing. It reviews its various economics models, the related politics of the European Union and of Switzerland, and the position of the Institute.


Support and Contact

You need to get in touch with publication-related service providers (proofreaders, writing coaches, translators, graphic designers, etc. (in French and in English)? Please contact Marc Galvin at the Research Office.