Research News

15 January 2018

Professor Moraes Silva on racism and more

She notably explains how census officials in Brazil negotiated race categories from 1970 to 2010.

08 January 2018

PHD on Trade and Environment Governance at the WTO

Dr Manuel Teehankee reviews the outputs of the WTO CTE generated throughout its 21 years of existence.

21 December 2017

PhD: Towards a new approach to treaty interpretation

Ms Hosseinnejad addresses interpretive inconsistency in philosophical and linguistic terms.

19 December 2017

PhD research on altruism in international law

Jason Rudall explores the emergence of legal relationships between states and individuals in other countries.

13 December 2017

Liliana Andonova on global public-private partnerships

Her latest book explains the nature of this institutional change in international relations.

13 December 2017

Can data technology revolutionise humanitarian action?

For Prof. Taithe, enthusiasm for the data is vastly outstripped by the capacity to meaningfully analyse it.

12 December 2017

Is there space for more international (health) law?

Prof. Burci looks at the various legal framings of health and at what health stands for.

11 December 2017

How not to waste a garbage crisis in Bengaluru

Prof. Randeria presents a special issue of International Development Policy.

07 December 2017

Understanding and improving the role of central banks in developing...

The Bilateral Assistance for Capacity Building for Central Banks (BCC) programme, headed by Professor Cédric Tille, was awarded another five-year grant to continue its work with central banks from abroad....

07 December 2017

PhD on World Bank development interventions in Ethiopia

Dr Surafel sheds a critical light on some elements of post-development theory.