Research News

18 September 2017

Filipe Calvão explores divination and security in Angola’s diamond...

In 1957, the security force of Angola’s colonial diamond mining company recruited African diviners to help them solve a case of diamond theft. This event reveals a peculiar convergence of divination and...

15 September 2017

New data management plan requirement by the SNSF

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) introduces a new requirement in project funding as it expects researchers to include a data management plan (DMP) in their applications as of October 2017....

14 September 2017

Aidan Russell works on East and Central Africa in the 20th century

Aidan Russell is Assistant Professor of International History at the Graduate Institute. His current research focuses on the emergence of the Great Lakes region of Africa through the tumult of the 1960s...

28 July 2017

The “red revolution” of stem cell technologies in India

Prof. Bharadwaj’s research project examines issues at stake and how to better address them.

24 July 2017

Geneva Academy’s Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts (RULAC)

A website that qualifies situations of armed violence under international humanitarian law.

21 July 2017

«Les voix des Pâquis»: quand la poésie explique et enrichit la...

Philippe Gazagne évoque un projet inédit dans le monde académique.

20 July 2017

The tourism-migration nexus between Spain and Cuba

Dr Valerio Simoni provides an anthropological approach to an understudied phenomenon.

09 June 2017

Sixteen research projects already awarded in 2017

Prof. David Sylvan, Head of Research, analyses this success.

08 June 2017

Can Economic Policies Stabilise Democratic Transitions?

For Prof. Luciani, democratisation has a chance, all the more if it occurs in the right international context.

06 June 2017

Article – Can economic and security cooperation go hand in hand?

S. Hofmann and Y. Haftel show why some regional economic organisations expand their scope into security.