Research News

17 November 2017

Yvan Droz, a passion for ethics and local moralities

Dr Droz is currently working on an interdisciplinary approach to working children’s rights.

17 November 2017

PhD: How to address cross-border cartels in Latin America

Pierre Horna proposes solutions to younger and smaller competition authorities in emerging markets. 

16 November 2017

The German funding landscape

An overview of opportunities of interest to Graduate Institute researchers.

15 November 2017

PhD on designing and applying agricultural biosafety regulations...

Dr Diego Silva studies how biodiversity protection from GM crops can lead to paradoxical effects.

14 November 2017

Community and conflict: transatlantic relations since the end...

An introduction to Prof. Hanhimäki’s current book project.

14 November 2017

Professor Schultz and the relationship between law and the state

A Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Research Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute, Thomas Schultz presents here his current research activities related to transnational stateless...

10 November 2017

Michael Loriaux on interpretation and translation in international...

Prof. Loriaux uses Thucydides to unsettle what power means in relation to EU’s debate on power.

07 November 2017

Lessons Unlearned? Corporate Debt in Emerging Markets

A paper by Prof. Panizza and others compares the situation to that of the Asian financial crisis.

17 October 2017

Anne Saab works on law, fear, hunger and climate change

“Bits” of the intellectual journey of a professor who likes to venture off into eclectic fields.

17 October 2017

ERC grant won by Valerio Simoni to study return migration and...

His project aims to understand new practices and views of migrants returning to their countries.