The publications of our faculty, researchers and graduates testify to the wealth of the research conducted at the Graduate Institute. We present here the booksbook chaptersjournal articles, theses, and working papers and reports issued during the past twelve months, considering that the complete production is available in the institutional repository. On this page you will find the recent theses.

The Banality of Aid: On Conflict, Humanitarianism and Migration among the Murle of South Sudan

Claudio Todisco. Jury: Alessandro Monsutti, thesis director, Gilles Carbonnier and Michel Agier. July 2017.
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Bilateral Energy Governance

Tibisay Morgandi. Thesis director: Jorge E. Viñuales. April 2017.

Bringing the Firm Back In: Investors’ Choice for International Investment Arbitration

Anna Katharina Luz. Jury: Cédric Dupont, thesis director, Thomas Schultz and Louis T. Wells. June 2017.
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Les demandeurs d’asile déboutés en droit international

Anne-Cécile Leyvraz. Jury: Vincent Chetail, directeur de thèse, Andrew Clapham et Marie-Laure Basilien, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. Octobre 2017.
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Doing Justice to History: The Construction of Historical Narratives within International Criminal Courts

Barrie Sander. Thesis director: Andrea Bianchi. March 2017.
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Embodied Battlefields: Uncovering Sexual Violence against Men in War Theaters

Paula Drumond Rangel Campos. Jury: Elisabeth Prügl, thesis director, Keith Krause and Marysia Zalewski. June 2017.

The European Union Returns Directive and Its Compatibility with International Human Rights Law

Izabella Majcher. Jury: Vincent Chetail, thesis director, Andrew Clapham and Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche. July 2017.
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Gold, Finance and Speculation: The Making of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, 1887–1899

Mariusz Lukasiewicz. Jury: Marc Flandreau, thesis director, Aidan Russell and Youssef Cassis. June 2017.
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Human Rights and the International Criminal Court

Lucy Richardson. Thesis director: Andrew Clapham. February 2017.

Implementation of the Cartagena Definition in Latin America: Analysis of the Wider Definition of Refugee

Marta Priscila Antoni Piossek. Jury: Vincent Chetail, thesis director, Andrew Clapham and Jean-François Durieux. June 2017.
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Innovation and Diffusion of New Technologies: In and Out of the Green Sector

Giulia Valacchi, International Economics. Jury: Richard Baldwin, president and internal reader; Timothy Swanson, thesis director; Antoine Dechezleprêtre. October 2017.
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The Interaction of the Jurisdictional Immunities of the State and the Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Case of the US FSIA vis-à-vis the 2004 UN Convention

Victorino José Tejera Pérez. Thesis director: Zachary Douglas. May 2017.
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International Currency Use and Macroeconomic Effects of Trade Integration

Maria Sokolova. Thesis directors: Cédric Tille and Joost Pauwelyn. April 2017. VI, 217 p.

Land Concessions, Livelihoods and Aspirations in Laos

Gilda Senties Portilla. Thesis codirectors: Isabelle Milbert and Christophe Gironde. March 2017.
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“Les Mbengis”: Migration, Gender, and Family: The Moral Economy of Transnational Cameroonian Migrants’ Remittances

Christina Atekmangoh. Thesis director: Jean-Pierre Jacob. March 2017.
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Money Markets and Monetary Policy

Ann Job. Thesis director: Cédric Tille. December 2016.

Nuclear Dynamics and US-South Korean Relations, 1945–1975

Se Young Jang. Jury: Jussi Hanhimäki, thesis director, Grégoire Mallard and Leopoldo Nuti. August 2017.

Perplexed Employees and Powerless Managers : Neoliberal Effects in the Phosphate Kingdom of Jordan

Claudie Fioroni. Thesis director: Riccardo Bocco. March 2017.
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The Politics of Armed Disorder: Armed Organisations, Conflict and Statebuilding in Mexico and Latin America, c. 1820–1900

Esteban Ramírez González. Thesis codirectors: Keith Krause and Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou. March 2017.

Politics of Life in a Colonial Space: An Extended Case Study of East Jerusalem

Ibrahim Saïd. Thesis director: Riccardo Bocco. April 2017.
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The Productive Dimension of Global Governance and the United Nations System: A Comparative Study

Juliano Diniz de Oliveira, International Relations/Political Science. Jury: Elisabeth Prügl, president and internal reader; Thomas Biersteker, thesis director; Sebastian von Einsiedel, director of the Center for Policy Research, United Nations University, Tokyo. October 2017.
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Protecting the Vital: Analysing the Relationship between Agricultural Biosafety and the Commodification of Genetically Modified Cotton Seeds in Colombia

Diego Enrique Silva Garzon. Jury: Shalini Randeria and Elena Lazos Chavero, thesis codirectors, Filipe Calvão and Carlo Caduff. October 2017. 
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Reciprocity in Public International Law

Arianna Whelan. Thesis director: Marcelo G. Kohen. March 2017.

Resisting Minority Rights Norms: A Case of Middle East Minorities

Smruthi Rammohan. Jury: Elisabeth Prügl, thesis director, Stephanie Hofmann and Antje Wiener, University of Hamburg, Germany. October 2017.
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Returnees and the Development Project in Bengaluru: Brokering Modernity from the In-Between

Rosemary George. Jury: Isabelle Milbert (thesis director), Alessandro Monsutti, Valerio Simoni and Binod Khadria. October 2017.
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Small Worlds of Violence: A Global Grammar for Torture

Jonathan Austin. Thesis codirectors: Keith Krause and Riccardo Bocco. April 2017.

Three Essays in International Trade

Yuan Zi. Thesis director: Richard Baldwin. June 2017.
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Three Essays in International Trade and Global Production

Stela Rubínová. Thesis director: Richard Baldwin. April 2017.
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Three Essays on Global Value Chains

Victor Kümmritz. Thesis director: Richard Baldwin. March 2017
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The UNSEEN: Expert Networks and Knowledge Practices in the Monitoring of UN Sanctions

Aurel Niederberger. Jury: Thomas Biersteker and Grégoire Mallard, thesis codirectors, Annabelle Littoz-Monnet and Vincent Pouliot. October 2017.
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World Bank Development Interventions in Ethiopia: The Case of Wolayta Agricultural Development Unit (WADU), 1970-82

Surafel Gelgelo Kumsa. Jury: Gareth Austin (thesis director), Aidan Russell and Carlos Oya. October 2017.
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