Research Mission Statement

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Professor David Sylvan, Director of Research

The Graduate Institute's research mission is to produce knowledge that fosters a better understanding of global problems. As a community of scholars in the academy we are committed to advancing insight and debate in the social sciences and humanities. As a community of publicly engaged scholars, we also seek to enrich policy debates at the international and local level, in particular those involving international actors.

Faculty and other researchers at the Graduate Institute work in interdisciplinary teams in our Research Centres, and form disciplinary communities engaged in research and research training in our Academic Departments. They engage with researchers throughout the world in informal and project-centered networks.

The Research Office works to facilitate research activities at the Institute:

  • It provides information for faculty and other researchers about project opportunities.
  • It furnishes resources for translating ideas into concrete research activities.
  • Through a variety of means, it disseminates information about the research carried on by scholars here at the Institute.