The Recycling Library

The Graduate Institute Environmental Committee (EC) is excited to encourage students to get on board with their latest initiative, The Recycling Library!

In May 2018, the Library published this blog post about the total paper consumption at the Institute. It states that paper consumption has been increasing year-to-year, with Library printers using 555,000 sheets of A4 paper in 2017, which represented an almost 25% increase from the previous year. The Environmental Committee thought about an innovative, crowd-based solution that allows students and staff to print less and thus, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Recycling Library functions through a simple, crowd-based system. The EC collects printed class readings from students at the entrance of the Library (drop-off station). Papers are then alphabetically sorted and catalogised in a Google Sheet, before they are placed at the pick-up station located on Level 2, next to Bubble G2 in the reading-room.

The Google Sheet is available online and lists all the available papers along with instructions on how to use the Recycling Library. Simply search for the desired reading using the Ctrl+F function, mark it red and pick it up. Once you do not need the paper anymore, drop it off at the entrance of the Library. The EC will then put it back into the Recycling Library and remove the red marking in the Google Sheet.

Since there is no formal system in place for the usage of The Recycling Library, we count on trust and goodwill among members of the Graduate Institute student body. At present, we provide a collection of over 180 papers and we hope that this collection will expand over time.

So, please remember to look here before you print next time. Also, feel free to contribute any material that is no longer of any use to you at the marked trays placed outside the Library doors.

May the forest be with you!

The IHEID Environmental Committee 

Contact: (at)
The recycling Library is located on Level 2, next to Bubble G2.

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