The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
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The Library
(Loan Service)

T. +41 22 908


library (at)
Information Desk
(10 am - 6 pm, weekdays only)
58.89 library (at)
Corpataux, Yves (Head of Library) 58.63 Yves.Corpataux (at)
Wehrli, Christine (Deputy Head of Library) 58.97 Christine.Wehrli (at)
Fink, Pierre-André (Deputy Head of Library
+ Films)
58.95 Pierre-Andre.Fink (at)
Aeschlimann, Claude 58.52 Claude.Aeschlimann (at)
Amato, Edgardo 57.58 Edgardo.Amato (at)
Basset, Martine (Interlibrary Loan) 58.60 Martine.Basset (at)
Brendow, Catherine 58.64 Catherine.Brendow (at)
Cramer, Isabelle (Archives) 58.46 Isabelle.Cramer (at)
Flotron, Marie-Pierre (Loan Service Manager) 58.65 Marie-Pierre.Flotron (at)
Le Hénanf, Marc (E-Resources) 58.53 Marc.LeHenanf (at)
Leger, Linda 58.93 Linda.Leger (at)
Panizo, José 58.96 Jose.Panizo (at)
Pasquier, Guillaume (Acquisitions) 58.59 Guillaume.Pasquier (at)
Schmitt, Antoine 58.61 Antoine.Schmitt (at)
Vilmen, Céline 58.62 Celine.Vilmen (at)
Vuillemin-Raval, Isabelle 58.94 Isabelle.Vuillemin-Raval (at)
Yakimovich, Svetlana 58.56 Svetlana.Yakimovich (at)
Yemedow, Frehiwot 58.49 Frehiwot.Yemedow (at)
Zosso, Stéphanie 58.57 Stephanie.Zosso (at)