The Library has 7 bubbles allowing team work. These bubbles can be reserved:

  • by Graduate Institute students only
  • the same day or for the next day (free access on Sundays)
  • for 2 users minimum
  • for a duration of up to 4 hours
  • no food in the bubbles


  • one reservation per day
  • reservation requests have to be made at least half an hour in advance
  • an updated student card is required to enter bubbles



Level 2 (library entry) Level 1 (railroads)
RW_Niveau_2.jpg RW_Niveau_1.jpg
G1 : law collection camera_small.pngBubble1
G2 : books on reserve camera_small.pngBubble2
G3 : multimedia room (no door) camera_small.pngBubble3
G4 : history collection camera_small.pngBubble4
G5 : bottom of ramp camera_small.pngBubble5
G6 : social sciences collection camera_small.pngBubble6
G7 : under the helical stairs camera_small.pngBubble7



Check bubbles availability (through VPN from outside the Institue's network)
Note: online reservations made after 10pm are recorded the next day at 8am. It is therefore possible that at the time of a room request, a reservation for that same room already exists but is not yet showing in the calendar below.