ICHRP - International Council of Human Rights Policy

The ICHRP was first conceived in 1994 by a group of human rights advocates, scholars and policy makers, to address the dilemmas and challenges of translating international human rights principles and standards into policy realities. Between 1998 and 2012 it undertook thirty-five major research projects addressing a wide range of policy questions and providing a forum for applied research, reflection and forward thinking.

The International Council was composed of thirty members, serving for a three-year term renewable once. It met once a year, in Geneva or in another city of the world. An Executive Board composed of at least six members was responsible for overseeing the implementation of the ICHRP work plan and met not less than three times a year. A permanent secretariat with international staff in Geneva organized the meetings, carried out the research projects and managed the publication and dissemination of the reports.

The Executive Board of ICHRP decided to close down the organisation in December 2011 in the light of continued financial difficulties. The ICHRP leaves behind an important contribution to the promotion and protection of human rights.

All publications of the ICHRP are available on their website. Their entire archives, consisting of both physical and digital documents have been donated to the Library of the Graduate Institute. They contain correspondence, minutes, reports and also pictures, documenting the activities of the ICHRP all over the years. Some of the documents are accessible online, the whole archives are consultable in the library on appointment.

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Contact: Isabelle Cramer