Archives & Special Collections

The Library’s collections are periodically augmented by donations or deposits from private persons or institutions. The Library’s mission is to conserve, preserve and enhance these specialised funds.

Maison de la paix Archives institutionnelles
Archives administratives et patrimoniales de l'IHEID, de l’Institut universitaire de hautes études internationales (IUHEI) et de l’Institut universitaire d’études du développement (IUED). 
Archives_catalogue_79.jpg The Graduate Institute Archives Catalogue
AtoM (Access to Memory) is the catalogue of archives and special collections deposited at the Graduate Institute.
IUED_79.jpg Mémoire vivante IUED
Réalisés en 2009, une trentaine d'entretiens de professeurs et de personnalités de l’Institut universitaire d’études du développement (IUED) évoquant son histoire de 1961 à 2007.
Digital Collections Digital Collections @ the Library
Historic documents, texts, photographs and images on international relations.

Boris Souvarine Boris Souvarine Papers
Personal archives and research materials of B. Souvarine (1895-1984), a French communist activist, journalist and historian, pioneer of the studies on Stalin and the Soviet regime.
un_flag.jpg Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
Documents relating to the adoption of the treaty by the UN on 7 July 2017. Donation from the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Costa Rica to the United Nations Office at Geneva.
Capital Market Capital Markets of the World 1850-2000
A unique collection of stock exchange lists covering more than 40 markets in all continents for 150 years.
Affaires arbitrales Arbitration Cases
Archives of Professors in International Law at the Graduate Institute.
International Council on Human Rights Policy International Council on Human Rights Policy
Archives of the International Council on Human Rights Policy.
Alain Monnier Alain Monnier Papers
Archives of A. Monnier, ethnologist from Geneva, specialised in Papuan, Indonesian and Amazonian civilisations.
Afghanistan The Afghanistan Collection
Archives for Afghanistan from Pierre Centlivres – Honorary Professor and former Director of University of Neuchâtel's Ethnology Institute (Switzerland) and his wife, Micheline Centlivres-Demont, ethnologist.
Indochina The Indochina Collection
Archives for Indochina from Alexandre Casella, former war correspondent and Director of Centre Asie (Centre for Asian Studies) in the 1970’s.
Henri-Philippe Cart Fonds Henri-Philippe Cart
Archives personnelles de H.-P. Cart sur l'Afrique du Sud, relatives à la mise sur pied d'une politique suisse visant à renforcer la société civile sud-africaine, encore sous le régime de l'apartheid.
Christoph Eckenstein Fonds Christoph Eckenstein
Archives de la Fondation créée par C. Eckenstein pour l'étude des relations de la Suisse avec le Tiers-Monde et le soutien des activités de l'IUED. Ce fonds a été transféré aux Archives fédérales suisses.
Ronald Dreyer Ronald Dreyer Rare Books Collection (XVII-XIXth c.)
A collection of old and rare books focused on diplomacy and peace-building, coming from a donation made in the memory of the alumnus Dr Ronald F. Dreyer (1950-2009) by his wife, in 2014.
DDC SDC Deposit Library
Publications of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), organ of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Bern.