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Which countries are eligible?

Candidates should be currently registered to a university in the Global South countries. Eligible countries are those indentified by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in receipt of Official Development Assistance (ODA). Click here to view the list. 

What do I need to support my application?

Applicants are required to submit an online application form and send the required supporting documents by email to

Required Supporting Documents:

  • A 2'000 words summary of your PhD thesis
  • A draft chapter of your PhD thesis or an outline of the thesis

Please send these documents to (with your name and institution on each supporting document in pdf format).

What if I come from a southern country, but am now affiliated to a University in the US or Europe? 

Candidates who are originally from a southern country, but are presently affiliated in a University in the US or Europe, are unfortunately not eligible to apply for the Programme. 

Do I need to provide proof of proficiency in English?

Since the Workshop is held in English, applicants are expected to be proficient in the use of English, i.e., to understand fully courses taught in English and to be able to write papers. Nevertheless, no certificate is required.

Do I need to include a letter of reference with my application?

No. You will need to provide contact details of two referees in your application form one of which must be your PhD supervisor and indicate the current stage of your PhD research and expected completion date. While it is not necessary to include a written reference letter please note that your referees may be contacted by our selection committee.

Are there prerequisites to attend the Workshop?

Candidates should be at the writing up phase of their PhD at a university in the South and work in a discipline related to International and Development Studies.

When do I have to apply?

Please refer to the information on the application section.

How is my application assessed?

Selection will be based on the quality of research. Quality being equal, selection may be guided by an interest in promoting thematic coherence at the workshop and regional diversity.


Can I attend only a few days of the Workshop?

No. Participants are required to attend the entire Workshop and contribute to all 5 days.

What will my timetable look like?

Provisional Schedule: Sessions will be held from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Morning sessions will be begin with an introduction from a guest speaker, followed by the presentation of papers. Afternoons will involve a discussion of papers.

Paper presentations

All participants will be expected to submit a research paper, based on their thesis. This will be due at the latest one month before the start of the Workshop. Papers will be available online on a password-protected platform. Each participant will be required to present their paper and to address the comments of the discussant in a 15 minute session. The discussant will have 10 minutes to react to the presentation and accompanying comments. The papers will be followed by a discussion.


What funding is provided to participants?

The workshop is funded by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies; it will cover expenses for travel and accommodation during the workshop. Personal expenses such as food and local transportation are covered by the participants.