Theses in progress



Ongoing theses


Nikolina Stanic   A Case Study from the "Political Laboratory": Institutionalised Youth Participation or the Art of being Part of the "Speaking Community" of Rosario", PhD Director: Shalini Randeria
Niklaus Miszak   Topographies of Power and Struggles over Land Control: Towards a Great Transformation in Afghanistan, PhD Director: Alessandro Monsutti
Dominika Ornatowska   Pacta Sunt Servanda Revisited: the Politicization of Transitional Justice, PhD Director: Ravinder Bhavnani
Anca Paducel   Approaches to Decentralization and Socio-Political Trust in Post-War Societies: A Sub-National Comparative Analysis of Burundi, PhD Director: Ravinder Bhavnani
Lipin Ram   Rethinking Democratic Politics: Affect, Violence and Communist Politics in North Kerala, PhD Director: Shalini Randeria
Sophie Schrago   Negotiating Religion and Citizenship: Muslim Women Activism(s) in India, PhD Director: Isabelle Milbert
Anuradha Sen Mookerjee   Choosing Citizenship: Investigating the Binary of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Former Border Enclaves in India and Bangladesh, PhD Director: Alessandro Monsutti
Diego Silva   Protecting the Vital-Biosafety regulations and the commodification of GM seeds in Colombia, PhD Director: Shalini Randeria
Nataliya Tchermalykh   Art of Dissent: Performative Disobedience, Controversial Aesthetics and Narratives of Show-Trials on Artists Within the Post-Soviet Public Sphere, PhD Director: Grégoire Mallard
Claudio Todisco   Humanitarianism and the Duty to Govern. Politics of Place and Practices of Motion among the Murle of South Sudan, PhD Director: Alessandro Monsutti
Klara Van Der Ploeg   Collective Non-State Entities in Contemporary International Law, PhD Director: Andrea Bianchi