Past News

22 February 2018

Policing men: militarised masculinity and governance in Uganda

In a recent paper based on qualitative research conducted in northern Uganda between 2014 and 2017, Rebecca Tapscott uses a gender analysis of youths participating in informal security arrangements to...

21 February 2018

Chantal Mouffe on the ‘affects’ of democracy

On 19 February, Chantal Mouffe, Professor of Political Theory at the University of Westminster in London, discussed Europe’s current 'post-democratic' condition in a lecture organised by the Graduate Institute’s...

26 January 2018

We need to bring history back into the study of terrorism

Just back from Davos Economic Forum, Professor Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou presents the conclusions of his latest book, “A Theory of ISIS: Political Violence and the Transformation of the Global Order”...

11 December 2017

How not to waste a garbage crisis in Bengaluru

Prof. Randeria presents a special issue of International Development Policy.

15 November 2017

PhD on designing and applying agricultural biosafety regulations...

Dr Diego Silva studies how biodiversity protection from GM crops can lead to paradoxical effects.