Saturday 06 October 2018, 09:15 - 18:00

Workshop “Democracy, indigenous rights and ethno-racial mobilisation: Latin America in comparative perspective”

Democracy Week 2018

Room S3
Maison de la paix, Geneva

The workshop will discuss the plurality of democratic experiences by focusing on the dynamics of participation and protest by ethno-racial movements and by citizens at large. In particular we will address questions such as: How has the issue of race and ethnicity shaped the democratic debate in Latin America and elsewhere in recent years, from the early 2000s turn to the left in countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia to the recent return of right wing governments in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina? How has the increasing dependency of Latin American economies on extractivism affected the democratic participation of groups who claim to have a common ethnic or racial identity, and how does this compare to the political economy of ethnoracial-based democratic participation in other regions? How has the contemporary populist wave affected the battle of indigenous communities for fair representation and for access to natural resources?

With the participation of:

  • Ethel Branch, Attorney General of the Navajo Nation 
  • Nancy Postero, Professor of anthropology and co-Director, International Institute, UC San Diego

Detailed programme available here

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Organised in collaboration with Europaeum and Alternautas on the occasion of the Geneva Democracy Week promoted by the Chancellery of State

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