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14 June 2018

António Vitorino: Global Compact on Migration will be a test case for multilateralism

On June 12, the Institute’s Global Migration Centre hosted António Vitorino, candidate for the post of Director General of the International Organisation for Migration, as part of the Global Migration Lecture series. Organised with the support of the Permanent Mission of Portugal to the UN Office in Geneva, the event brought together over 300 representatives from diplomatic missions, UN agencies, NGOs...
01 June 2018

Towards the Global Compact on Refugees

On Monday, 28 May 2018, the Global Migration Centre (GMC) hosted Shahrzad Tadjbakhsh, Deputy Director, Policy and Law, Division for International Protection at UNHCR, for a public lecture on the Global...

30 May 2018

International Migration Law Lecture

Prof. Vincent Chetail, Director of the GMC, will give a lecture at the 3rd Geneva International Migration Law Course organised by the International Migration Law Unit of the International Organization...

28 May 2018

«Le Pacte mondial sur les migrations est en péril»

Vincent Chetail répond à Andrés Allemand au sujet du Pacte mondial sur les migrations. Lire l'article publié dans la Tribune de Genève.

18 May 2018

Non-refoulement en mer

Prof. Vincent Chetail donnera une présentation sur le principe de non-refoulement en mer dans le cadre du colloque annuel de l'Institut international des droits de l'homme (Fondation René Cassin) intitulé:...