Voices of Les Pâquis: A Participatory Multimedia Project


This project builds on SNSF funded research “Cohabitation, connivences et antagonismes en situation de ‘nouvelles’ mixités urbaines”, which aimed to explore the dynamics of coexistence between different migrant groups sharing the same urban space. Our findings point to forms of sociability and coexistence, which differ greatly from common representations in terms of social anomy.

Voices of Les Pâquis focuses on Geneva’s most widely debated neighbourhood and highly marked by representations (often stigmatic) constructed from the outside - by media, city administration and political actors. This communication project has the twofold objective of 1) sharing the findings drawn from our previous research and, 2) informing policy by launching a public debate in partnership with the concerned actors, the inhabitants and the users. All are invited to take part in an innovative multimedia project, which uses Internet and cinema as participative tools. The final phase will consist of the organization of communication tools and events that synthesize and share the results of this participatory process with local inhabitants, community associations, and a wider public, including all the actors of the cosmopolitan city of Geneva, public authorities and invited personalities from the visual arts and media world.

Project Team

Alessandro Monsutti, Project Director
Philippe Gazagne, Senior Researcher

Website: http://www.voixdespaquis.org

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