Recasting the Common European Asylum System: A First Appraisal

Although most asylum-seekers remain in the Global South, European States constitute a prime destination for those who have successfully made their way to Western countries. However, with the abolition of internal borders within the European Union, it has become clear to EU Member States that asylum requires a common response. For that purpose, the EU has established the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) with the view to harmonize domestic legislation on refugee protection. Furthering such harmonization process, the CEAS has recently been subject to a substantial recast.

This Research Project aims at analysing the recent changes of the CEAS, examining the progress achieved and the remaining flows. Co-organized with the Odysseus Network, the Project benefits from the expertise of leading scholars in international and EU law. Among other research activities, a Colloquium has been held in Brussels on 8 and 9 April 2014: Towards a Common European Asylum System: The Legislative Package of Second Generation. The outcome of the research project and the Colloquium has been published in 2016 with Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

Project Team

Philippe de Bruycker, Project Director
Vincent Chetail, Project Director
Odysseus Network’ Experts



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Chetail-Bauloz Report.jpg

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Other Related Publications


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