Seminar Series

The Global Governance Centre offers two seminar series:
  • Global Governance Colloquium Series
  • International Geneva Luncheons

Global Governance Colloquium Series

The Global Governance Colloquium series aims to build a denser research community by providing scholars of governance issues a platform to present and discuss works in progress across disciplinary boundaries. The colloquia take place biweekly on Mondays over lunchtime.

For a list of past events in this series, consult our Events page.


International Geneva Luncheons

The Centre works closely with the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) to co-organise up to two International Geneva Luncheons every semester with the support of the Canton and City of Geneva. The seminars bring together senior management at the UN with guest professors and Graduate Institute faculty to reflect on cutting edge ideas about institutions and governance emerging in current scholarly research.

International Geneva Luncheons organised in 2017 include:

  • "How the Rise of Public-Private Partnerships is Changing International Governance" - Liliana Andonova, Professor of International Relations/Political Science, The Graduate Institute (08 December 2017)
  • "How can international agreements be designed to improve international cooperation?" - Barbara Koremenos, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Michigan (18 May 2017)
  • "Reputation and Accountability: Understanding the United Nations’ Failure to Effectively Confront Sexual Violence" - Kristina Daugirdas, Professor of Law, University of Michigan (29 May, 2017)