Other research projects

Transnational Policy Networks

10847260_10153351782282892_5846208900948166773_o.jpgThe Programme analyzes the emergence, operation, and impact of transnational policy networks that have engaged individuals from IOs, Member States, NGOs, transnational advocacy coalitions, business associations, and scholars in different combinations to promote innovative governance of various issue domains.





International Geneva Perception Change Project (PCP)

PCP.pngThe International Geneva Perception Change Project (PCP) aims to broaden the understanding and relevance of the work done by actors in "International Geneva". As the official academic partner of the PCP, the Programme has contributed by adding conceptual substance and mapping research on issues relevant to Geneva-based organizations. We have also submitted entries to the PCP Data Book, which showcases the different thematic areas of research undertaken at the Graduate Institute.




Graduate Student Research Projects


The Programme supports the Graduate Institute's PhD students working on global governance issues with shared office space and provides the opportunity to interact with visiting scholars, researchers, and faculty to advance their own research.





Remodeling Global Cooperation


UNRISD news.jpgThe Graduate Institute’s Programme for the Study of International Governance and the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) are looking for creative ideas from Graduate Institute students on how global cooperation should be organized to better respond to today’s challenges.