SanctionsApp is a unique analytical device that can be used to inform, design, and analyze UN targeted sanctions. It was one of the principal means of dissemination of the research of the Targeted Sanctions Consortium (2009-2014), a group of more than fifty scholars and policy practitioners worldwide who participated in a project to analyze the impacts and effectiveness of UN targeted sanctions applied over the past 25 years.

The digitized tool – available for free download on Apple and Android devices and now available online at – was originally designed at the request of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs to level the playing field among policy practitioners responsible for the design of UN targeted sanctions. Based on the idea that knowledge is power, the App was designed to give the elected ten (E10) Members of the UN Security Council access to information about sanctions practice and policy alternatives in real time.

Director of the Programme for the Study of International Governance Prof. Biersteker discusses SanctionsApp.