19 February 2019

Mark your calendars for the new GGC Colloquium Series

The speakers and the dates for the colloquiums in the upcoming Spring semester 2019 have been set!

The bi-weekly series on Mondays over lunchtime continues to provide a platform for scholars to present and discuss their works in progress. The forthcoming speakers promise engaging and thought-provoking discourses in a variety of governance issues. Their diverse academic background encourages to think across disciplinary boundaries and suggests insight into a range of different and exciting scholarly fields.

The series starts off with Jens Steffek, Professor of Transnational Governance and Managing Director of the Institute for Political Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt. His presentation on "The Timeless Appeal of Technocracy in Global Governance" will take place on Monday, 11 March at 12.30pm. To register, click here.

To get the full view of the calendar with all the speakers and the dates, click here.

Everyone is welcome to join!