12 February 2019

Introducing the Global Governance Debates

In the spirit of fostering interdisciplinary discussion on global governance issues, we have launched the Global Governance Debates on the Global. This new series will present different perspectives on various global governance issues, while promoting meaningful exchange between opposing arguments.

The first debate of the series has professors Peter M. Haas and Annabelle Littoz-Monnet discussing the interactions of science, politics, and policy. Prof Haas calls for the protection of science's legitimacy and authority in world politics when they are threatened by populists and corporate interests who might fear the policy implications of scientific findings. Prof Littoz-Monnet reminds us that scientific knowledge is embedded in the context where it's produced, and therefore not immune to interests, social practices, norms, identities and power relationships. The debate continues with Prof Haas discussing whether more engagement among the public, decision-makers and scientists would consolidate the authority of science vis-à-vis the public or further undermine it.

You can follow the current debate here or join it by submitting your own response. Here’s how.
The next topic to be debated is: Liberalism and global governance.