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10 December 2018

How can we study institutional complexity comparatively?

Existing theoretical work on institutional complexity usually focuses on a single issue area. But can we systematically study institutional complexity across different issue areas? James Hollway, Assistant Professor International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute, presented a working paper addressing this question at the last colloquium of the Autumn Semester 2018-2019. The paper,...
07 December 2018

Rethinking Global Governance for the 21st Century

In July 2018 the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) issued a three-volume report on Rethinking Society for the 21st Century. Patterned on the International Panel on Climate Change, reflecting...

30 November 2018

Enter Pax Sinica? The prospects for peace under Chinese hegemony

What are the consequences of China’s ongoing rise for the global order? Are we about to witness a hegemonic transition? If so, is it likely to be a smooth shift, like from Pax-Britannica to Pax-Americana?...