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19 October 2018

The Resource Curse and International Law

In her recently defended PhD thesis, Lys Kulamadayil explores different ways in which international law matters to economic and human development and the distribution of power and wealth in resource-wealthy postcolonial countries. She finds some legal rules to be foundational to the resource curse, but that normative instruments have also been used to prevent adverse impacts of natural resources extraction...
16 October 2018

Urban security, reconfigured?

Urban security evolves differently across different geographic, political, and cultural contexts. It is informed by different logics and can produce different effects both within and across boundaries....

09 October 2018

Handbooks on governance, conflict, dispute settlement and peace-building

Prof. Anna Leander and Prof. Thomas Biersteker, two associated faculty members of the Global Governance Centre, have published their latest research on the themes of governance and conflict, dispute settlement...