Video Briefs




Global Governance and ‘Technologies of Expertise’


Dr. Ben Williamson and Dr. Radhika Gorur discuss the outcomes of a symposium co-organised by the Graduate Institute's Global Governance Centre and NORRAG. International scholars came together to present their research, identify common research trajectories, and determine a larger joint research agenda around this specific topic.



SDG Portal


Dr. Cecilia Cannon introduces The Institute’s new SDG Portal which provides a window on our research projects, publications, courses, events and other activities connected to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



Sanctions App 3.0: real time access to sanctions data


Prof. Thomas Biersteker discusses the new version of SanctionsApp ahead of its official launch at the United Nations in New York.



Bridging the gap between research and UN policy


Prof. Thomas Biersteker ,David Haeri and Dr. Katia Papagianni on how to better bridge the gap between research and policy at the UN in the areas of peace and security, development, human rights and humanitarian action.



Negotiating the Governance of the Internet


Dr. Roxana Radu discusses her SNIS Award winning PhD thesis on internet governance.