Post-Doctoral Researchers


Joanna Bourke Martignoni

Research Coordinator, DEMETER Research project

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Christelle Rigual, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Christelle Rigual

Research Coordinator, project on The Gender Dimensions of Social Conflict, Armed Violence and Peacebuilding

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Research Assistants

Piia Branfors, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Piia Bränfors

Research project on Gender dimensions of social conflicts, armed violence and peacebuilding

Saba Joshi, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Saba Joshi

DEMETER research project

Yira Lazala

Yira Lazala

Research project on A Feminist Analysis of Solidarity Economy Practices

Laís Meneguello Bressan, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Laís Meneguello Bressan

Research Assistant with the Gender Centre