Visiting Fellows

The Gender Centre welcomes applications for Visiting Fellowships from scholars whose research focuses on gender issues as related to globalisation, development, and international governance. We are particularly interested in scholars working in the following areas from a feminist and international perspective: agriculture and rural development, international organisations and social movements, reproductive health and rights, conflict and security, and migration. Proposals focusing on other international/global issues from a gender perspective will also be considered.

Visiting Fellows receive access to the Graduate Institute library and are provided with an office space. They are expected to actively participate in the Gender Centre intellectual community, write a working paper to be published in the Gender Centre series, present their work at the Gender Seminar Series, and attend Gender Centre events. They acknowledge the Gender Centre in all scientific output produced while in residence.

In order to apply to the programme, please follow the instructions on the Graduate Institute's Visiting Fellows webpage.


Özlem Altan-Olcay

Professor, Koç University, Istanbul

Visiting Professor

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Gertrude Dzifa Torvikey

PhD candidate, University of Ghana

Junior Visiting Fellow

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