Gender Centre

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The Gender Centre at the Graduate Institute produces cutting-edge research on the workings of gender in development and international relations and serves as a channel for the dissemination of such knowledge in both the anglophone and the francophone worlds.

The Gender Centre takes over and extends the gender and development activities that have existed at the Graduate Institute since 1995. The hub of these activities, Pôle genre et développement, continues to exist as a clearinghouse of information on gender and development and a training centre in the francophone world. The Gender Centre seeks to advance solutions to pervasive problems of gender injustice, discrimination and exclusion drawing on the tools of social science analysis. Our goal is to generate knowledge that will help advance social and gender justice on a global scale.

The centre's research, training, and outreach activities focus on two thematic areas:

  • the transformations of gender resulting from processes of globalisation and development and
  • the politics of gender in a globally-connected world.

The centre’s work is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing insights from the range of social science disciplines taught at the Graduate Institute. It also serves as a focal point for gender-related research and teaching. The Gender Centre engages with international, governmental and non-governmental organisations, academic and training institutions, local and international feminist movement groups in Geneva and throughout the world.