The DISSETTLE Programme

Short for “Dispute Settlement in Trade: Training in Law and Economics”, DISSETTLE is an interdisciplinary project that will fund PhD and other young researchers to spend time at one of the five participating universities. It is designed to train a new cohort of economic and legal experts to be prepared and able to work together in formulating trade policy and settling international trade and investment disputes. Its core goal is to cross the current divide between legal and economic expertise.

DISSETTLE is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) funded under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, which is set to run for four years starting in spring 2011 and ending in spring 2015. It is destined essentially to train and support academic researchers at an early stage of their careers.



More information about the DISSETTLE Kick-off Meeting (May 2011, Geneva).

More information about the DISSETTLE First Workshop (November 2011, Geneva).

More information about the DISSETTLE Second Workshop (April 2012, St Gallen).

More information about the DISSETTLE Third Workshop (June 2012, Florence).



Participating universities
Call for Candidates
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
  Geneva, Switzerland
  (Profs. Joost Pauwelyn & Richard Baldwin)

Université Libre de Bruxelles
  (Profs. André Sapir & Jean-François Bellis)
Bocconi University
  Milan, Italy
  (Profs. Giorgio Sacerdoti & Fabrizio Onida)
University of St. Gallen
  (Profs. Simon Evenett & Anne Van Aaken)
University of Warsaw
  (Profs. Jan Michalek & Maria M. Kenig-Witkowska)


Description of the programme
Under the DISSETTLE grant
around twenty young researchers -- in both law and economics, spanning over four years and five universities -- will be engaged to conduct research on topics directly related to the interplay of law and economics in the settlement of trade and investment disputes
researchers, most of whom will also be registered as PhD students at one of the participating universities, will follow dedicated training, workshops and conferences and have the opportunity to do internships with private sector and non-profit partners associated to DISSETTLE (essentially law firms, economic consulting firms or the WTO) on top of their regular PhD course and other requirements
at least ten PhD theses and ten academic papers will be produced centred on five work packages: arbitration & damages calculation, subsidies, competitiveness & protectionism, lessons from other fields (e.g. competition law), unexplored applications
a training programme is being developed, comprising:
  • three workshops and a series of training days
  • three international conferences
  • two summer schools
  • internships and shorter visits to private sector and non-profit participants
The training will involve all young researchers engaged by the network, together with professors, practitioners and others, and is in addition to training received as part of the normal PhD programme that researchers may be registered in at any of the five participating universities.
DISSETTLE is not awarding its own PhD degrees nor is it a self-standing PhD programme. PhD candidates must apply to, and be admitted by, one of the five participating universities following that institution's standard procedures.
Summary of application deadlines for the five participating universities.