Past News

16 February 2018

Is global governance in crisis, or just transforming?

Whereas the 20th century was defined by the expansion of multilateral cooperation and integration, the early 21st century has witnessed President Trump’s “America first” policy, “Brexit” and various populist...

31 January 2018

TradeLab student presention in Buenos Aires

Two students from the Graduate Institute had the opportunity to present their research in Buenos Aires at the Think Conference, an academic meeting held alongside the WTO’s 11th Ministerial Conference...

08 January 2018

PHD on Trade and Environment Governance at the WTO

Dr Manuel Teehankee reviews the outputs of the WTO CTE generated throughout its 21 years of existence.

16 November 2017

Richard Baldwin: Robots will steal jobs, but not everyone’s

Robots are cheaper to employ than humans, don’t take holidays or maternity leave, and don’t go home at five o’clock, so should we all fear for our jobs? Not according to Professor of International Economics...

16 October 2017

Joost Pauwelyn on the Data-Driven Future of Legal Research

Prof. Pauwelyn, Alschner and Puig explore the added value, but also the challenges, of empirical research.