08 January 2018

PHD on Trade and Environment Governance at the WTO

On 10 October Manuel A.J. Teehankee, former Ambassador of the Philippines to the World Trade Organization (2004–2011) and former Chair of the WTO Committee of Trade and Environment (2008–2011), defended his PhD thesis in International Law, titled “Trade and Environment Governance at the World Trade Organization Committee on Trade and Environment”. Professor Liliana Andonova presided the committee,...
16 November 2017

Richard Baldwin: Robots will steal jobs, but not everyone’s

Robots are cheaper to employ than humans, don’t take holidays or maternity leave, and don’t go home at five o’clock, so should we all fear for our jobs? Not according to Professor of International Economics...

16 October 2017

Joost Pauwelyn on the Data-Driven Future of Legal Research

Prof. Pauwelyn, Alschner and Puig explore the added value, but also the challenges, of empirical research.

08 September 2017

Geneva International Economic Law Sessions

The Geneva International Economic Law Research Sessions, or GIEL Sessions for short, is the CTEI’s new interdisciplinary workshop. Initiated by Joost Pauwelyn in 2016, members of the Graduate Institute’s...

25 July 2017

Liam Fox: WTO can regain ability to shape global trade

Speaking at the Graduate Institute on 20 July, Liam Fox, UK Secretary of State for International Trade, highlighted the World Trade Organization’s role as the central pillar of global free trade. “The...