Design of Trade Sanctions


Working papers presented at the Interdisciplinary Workshop on The Calculation and Design of Trade Sanctions in WTO Dispute Settlement


Panel 1: Damage calculation in context: What is the goal of WTO remedies  

Damage Calculations in context: What is the Goal of WTO Remedies?

Joost Pauwelyn
Panel 2: Lessons and questions from a legal perspective  
Proportionality Assessments under Article 22.6: The State-of-Play from a Legal Perspective Thomas Sebastian


From Bananas to Byrd: Damage calculation coming of age?
Yves Renouf
Lessons and questions from legal perspective Nicolas Lockhart
Panel 3: Lessons and questions from an economic perspective  
The Economics of Permissible WTO Retaliation Chad P. Bown
Michele Ruta
Panel 4: The politics of selecting and implementing trade sanctions  
Evaluating the Critique that WTO Retaliation Rules undermine the utility of WTO Dispute Settlement for Developing Countries Hunter Nottage
Panel 5: Improvements and new approaches from a legal perspective  
Optimal Sanctions in the WTO: The Case for Decoupling Alan O. Sykes
Panel 6: Improvements and new approaches from an institutional perspective  
The WTO Secretariat and the Role of Economics in DSU Panels and Arbitrations Chad P. Bown


Designing WTO Retaliatory Measures: The Case for Multilateral Regulation of the Domestic Decision-Making Process
 Reto Malacrida
Panel 7: Improvements and new approaches from an economic perspective  
Rethinking WTO Sanctions: Any Lessons from Competition Law? Simon J. Evenett
The "Equivalence Standard" under Art. 22.4 DSU: A "Tariffic" misunderstanding? Simon Schropp


A General Equilibrium Interpretation of WTO Dispute Settlement Cases - 4 EU-US Trade Conflicts
Fritz Breuss