SINERGIA: Innovation, Diffusion and Green Growth

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Part of the Programme: Innovation, Sustainable Growth and Technological Change

  • Project Leads:  Timothy Swanson, Joelle Noailly
  • Researchers: François Cohen, Giulia Valacchi, Helena Ting
  • Timeline: 2014 – 2017
    - January 2014 : Kick off workshop in Geneva
    - January 2015 : Internal workshop in Zurich
    - September 2015 : Conference in London
    - November 2016 : Policy workshop in Geneva
    - January 2017 : Final Internal Workshop
  • Keywords: Innovation, Technological Change, Diffusion, Multinationals, Industrial Policy, Clean Technology
  • Funding Organisation: SNF
  • Project website:


This project aims to explore theoretical, empirical and policy issues related to innovation, diffusion and green growth. The overarching objective of the project is to build a Swiss Network on the Economics of Green Growth, as a contribution to the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP). Each research team will focus on one specific topic:

1) economic modeling of growth and diffusion (ETH);

2) analysis of growth and diffusion, with a focus on developed countries and innovation (LSE);

3) analysis of growth and diffusion, with a focus on transfers of technology to developing countries (IHEID);

4) policies for green growth (EPFL).


Partners: IHEID, ETH Zurich (Prof Lucas Bretschger), EPFL (Prof. Dominique Foray), London School of Economics (Dr. Antoine Dechezlepretre and Prof. John van Reenen)

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