08 December 2017

IHEID student visit of the International Environmental House

Thanks to an initiative by the Environmental Committee, facilitated by the  CIES, a group of Graduate Institute students had the chance last week to visit to the International Environment House, which, just twenty minutes by tram from Maison de la Paix, gathers under a common roof 22 UN organizations and 19 non-governmental organizations all striving for a more sustainable world. 

During the visit, three UN Environment professionals gave insights into their work, drawing a fascinating picture of the incredible diversity of topics which the broad issue of environment and sustainability encompasses. While one explained the intricacies of carbon pricing and green fiscal policy, another elaborated on how the management of chemicals and waste is integrated into all 17 SDGs. Most peculiarly for some, one senior expert gave an understanding of the role of natural resources in conflict and peacebuilding, elaborating on how severe environmental degradation can be both a cause and a consequence of conflict, and sharing stunning pictures and footage of some of his missions. 

In such a way, the visit gave the students the opportunity not only to learn more about a number of very diverse environmental issues, but also to hear senior professionals share their concrete experiences in the field as well as issues they deal with on a daily basis. For students interested in sustainability and green careers, such an insight is not only a welcome out-of-classroom learning experience, but also a powerful source of inspiration.