08 January 2018

PHD on Trade and Environment Governance at the WTO

On 10 October Manuel A.J. Teehankee, former Ambassador of the Philippines to the World Trade Organization (2004–2011) and former Chair of the WTO Committee of Trade and Environment (2008–2011), defended his PhD thesis in International Law, titled “Trade and Environment Governance at the World Trade Organization Committee on Trade and Environment”. Professor Liliana Andonova presided the committee,...
13 December 2017

Liliana Andonova on global public-private partnerships

Her latest book explains the nature of this institutional change in international relations.

08 December 2017

IHEID student visit of the International Environmental House

Thanks to an initiative by the Environmental Committee, facilitated by the  CIES, a group of Graduate Institute students had the chance last week to visit to the International Environment House, which,...

27 October 2017

Susanna Hecht: Trump’s climate denialism producing devastating...

Institute professor Susanna Hecht has warned that Donald Trump’s policies on the environment and climate change will produce serious global repercussions. In a presentation at Maison de la Paix, Professor...

17 October 2017

Anne Saab works on law, fear, hunger and climate change

“Bits” of the intellectual journey of a professor who likes to venture off into eclectic fields.

Energieversorgung mit Strom und Gas
17 October 2017

Sustainability is a distant dream - Expertise from Joëlle Noailly

The Horizons magazine published by the Swiss Science Foundation cites the expertise of Dr. Joëlle Noailly in the article "Sustainability is a distant dream" published in its latest issue. Joëlle Noailly...

16 October 2017

Article in New Internationalist for Defne Gonenc

Protesters in Madhya Pradesh kick-off a collective hunger strike, opening new chapter in anti-dam social struggle, writes Defne Gonenc, in her article "Flood Narmada Valley with anti-dam resistance". Defne...