CFD members are active participants in the Graduate Institute's programmes. The following courses are part of the Institute's 2015/2016 curricula in Development and International Economics, International Affairs, and Development Studies.

Economic Policy in Developing and Emerging Countries: A Practitioners’ View – Alumni course

This course brings together current students and Institute alumni working for international policy institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and the OECD. The course is offered bi-annually. The next course will take place in the spring semester 2017 and will be open to both Masters and PhD students.

Topics covered in the 2015 session were: 

  • Private capital flows: determinants, macroeconomic and growth impact and policy responses,
  • Official development assistance (ODA): determinants, macroeconomic and growth impact,
  • Sovereign debt, debt management and debt resolution,
  • Trade and migration,
  • Public finance in developing countries and emerging markets,
  • Commodity prices and natural resources management,
  • External imbalances and country insurance.

Masters courses


Doctoral seminars


Applied Research Seminar

Each year, students from the Graduate Institute’s interdisciplinary master programmes in international affairs (MIA) and development studies (MDEV) carry out research projects in collaboration with international and non-governmental organisations, public institutions and the private sector.


Summer Course

Each year, the CFD experts contribute to the Graduate Institute's Summer Programme on the WTO, International Trade and Development.