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Peer Reviewed Journals


Too Much Finance?

Arcand, J.-L., Berkes, E. and Panizza, U., Journal of Economic Growth 20(2), 105-148, 2015.


The Impact of Landmines on Child Health: Evidence from Angola

Arcand, J.-L., Rodella Boitreau, A.-S. and Rieger, M., Economic Development and Cultural Change 63(2), 249-279, 2015.


Do Real Exchange Rate Appreciations Matter for Growth?

Bussière, M., Lopez, C. and Tille, C., Economic Policy 30(81), 5-45, 2015.


Public Good Provision in Indian Rural Areas: The Return to Collective Action by Microfinance Groups

Casini, P., Wahhaj, Z. and Vandewalle, L., World Bank Economic Review, 1-41, 2015.


Institutions, Corporate Governance and Capital Flows

Mukherjee, R., Journal of International Economics 96(2), 338-359, 2015.


Public Debt Risks in Italy: Myths, Facts, and Policies

Panizza, U., Capital Market Law Journal 10(2), 181-192, 2015.


Working Papers

  • "Health Sector Employment, Health Care Expenditure and Economic Growth: What Are the Links?," Arcand, J.-L., Araujo, E., Menkulasic, G. and Weber, M., October 2014, forthcoming as a World Bank Working Paper.
  • "Searching for the Sources of Inefficiency in Burundian Agriculture," Arcand, J.-L., Beko, A., Hassine Belghith, N. B. and d’Hombres, B. World Bank, 2015.
  • "Do Tournaments Determine Promotions? City-Level Evidence from China," Arcand, J.-L., Meng, Y. and Tao, R. 2015.
  • "Class Origin and the Emergence of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Chinese Migrants," Arcand, J.-L., Tao, R. and Zhou, M. 2015.
  • "Autocracy, Political Loyalty, and the Great Leap Famine," Arcand, J.-L., Yang, D., Tao, R. and Xu, H. June 2015, under submission at Journal of Political Economy.
  • "Leverage Cycles, Financial Frictions and the Real Economy," Huang, Y., CFD Working Papers, 2015.
  • "International Currency and Liquidity: the Role of the RMB," Huang, Y. and Portes, R., CFD Working Papers, 2015.
  • "Labor Market Shocks and Corporate Investment," Huang, Y., Wang, G. and Hau. H., CFD Working Papers, 2015.
  • "Corruption Scrutiny and Corporate Investment: Evidence from China," Huang, Y. and Ramirez, C., GMU Working Paper in Economics No. 15-28, March 2015.
  • "Noise-Induced Entry and Exit Decisions Driven by Non-Markovian Dynamics," Rinaldo, D. and Arcand, J.-L. June 2015, under submission at Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.
  • "Saving by Default: Evidence from a Field Experiment in India," Somville, V. and Vandewalle, L. , Graduate Institute Working Paper No: 01-2015, under submission.


Publications 2014


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  • "Anthropologists in the Stock Exchange. Science, Empire and White Collar Criminality in the Age of Victoria," Flandreau, M., forthcoming, University of Chicago Press.


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Op Ed and Media

  • "Inégalités dans le monde: une fatalité?," Arcand, J.-L., Geopolitis (TSR), 19 January 2014.
  • "Développement économique de l'Afrique : Entretien avec le Prof. Arcand," Arcand, J.-L., Le Temps (Genève), 9 August, 2014.
  • "Can large primary surpluses solve Europe’s debt problem?," Eichengreen, B. and Panizza, U., VoxEU, 30 July 2014.
  • "The debt of some euro-zone economies looks unsustainable," Eichengreen, B. and Panizza, U., The Economist, 25 October 2014.
  • "The bond market’s dance over European debt will not last forever," Eichengreen, B. and Panizza, U., The Financial Times, 17 November 2014.
  • "Rashomon in euro land," Panizza, U., The Economist, 5 November 2014.
  • "Intégration financière et politique macroéconomique," Tille, C., La Vie Economique, pp. 55-58, March 2014.
  • "The Global Role of the Dollar," Tille, C., Forum (Radio Suisse Romande 1 - Debate), 4 June 2014.


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